Delhi: A gas chamber.

Today the chief minister of Delhi,India said that Delhi has turned into a gas chamber.

The level of pollution is so severe that public health emergency has been declared in Delhi-NCR region.

Who is to be blamed?

As per the reports the rise in pollution has been due to the smoke from crop burning in the neighbouring states of Haryana and Punjab.

Aren’t we responsible for this?

In addition to the above mentioned reason other reason due to which pollution is reaching at severe levels are:

1. The increasing population of the city due to which the environment is deteriorating.

2. There has been a huge rise in vehicular population inspite of metro and railways, which leads to traffic congestion.

3. Improper disposal of waste.

4. The industries: Out of the total number of industries present in Delhi-NCR, very few percentage of them are located in proper places. Majority of them are in residential areas.

5. Diwali holiday and other celebrations like marriage brings lot of air pollution from the celebratory fireworks.

6. Large scale construction in Delhi-NCR is another reason for this severe pollution.

Actions to be taken.

1. Get air purifiers, use mask.

2. Immediate restrictions on vehicular movement.

3. Take precautions for respiratory diseases.

4. Try to stay indoors. Go out when it’s bright and sunny. Avoid going to areas with heavy smoke and dust.

5. Eat fruits that are loaded with vitamin c, magnesium and omega fatty acid.

What can we do to help reduce pollution.

1. By reducing vehicle movement. Opt for share rides and use metro or bus instead.

2. By making it mandatory for IT companies to provide ‘work from home’ for atleast 10 days in a month.

3. Enforce environment laws for industry exhaust and people failing would have to give a huge fine.

4. Plant more and more trees. Use indoor plants for better air quality inside your home.

5. Avoid smoking.

6. Do not burn garbage.

It’s the duty of every citizen to control pollution. As they say charity begins at home, let’s take a pledge to do what we can for our environment and protect it to the best we can.

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11 thoughts on “Delhi: A gas chamber.

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