Delhi: A gas chamber.

Today the chief minister of Delhi,India said that Delhi has turned into a gas chamber.

The level of pollution is so severe that public health emergency has been declared in Delhi-NCR region.

Who is to be blamed?

As per the reports the rise in pollution has been due to the smoke from crop burning in the neighbouring states of Haryana and Punjab.

Aren’t we responsible for this?

In addition to the above mentioned reason other reason due to which pollution is reaching at severe levels are: Read more

15 thoughts on “Delhi: A gas chamber.

  1. The pollution problem in Delhi reached alarming this time. You have talked about the issue in a great way.
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  2. Nicely articulated post Madam..!!
    1. Without legislation, the resolutions will most likely cause very minimal effect
    2. Thankfully, in some areas of Delhi, the Government has installed gigantic air purifiers
    3. Delhi needs to follow the Singaporean Strategy for limiting vehicles. Allow one 4 wheeler per household. Impose severe tax (> 100%) for the second one.
    4. Metros are good. Nothing much to complain of.
    5. Make certain areas vehicle free, similar to some areas of Europe. Chawri Bazar, Chandni Chowk and parts of Old Delhi may be made vehicle free.
    6. Start impounding and subsequent destruction of 10 year old vehicles, without prior notice.
    7. Make solar PV cells and Rainwater Harvesting compulsory for residential and commercial buildings. Fines to be levied for non-compliance.

    These and more of these are necessary to hammer eco-friendly habits in the minds of the people, so as to minimize pollution to a great extent..

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