Fitness tips for office going people.

Many people spend their time sitting continously for hours at their desks and this leads to many health problems.

Here are some tips which you can follow if you don’t have time to go to the gym or do any kind of workout. You can follow these tips to stay fit with your office job.

1. If you drive to your office try to stop before few kilometres and walk the extra distance.

2. Use stairs instead of elevetors.

3. Avoid eating your breakfast or lunch at your desk.

4. Avoid drinking too much coffee.

5. Buy a reusable water bottle and always keep it filled. Whenever you see it just drink water from it. Read more

7 thoughts on “Fitness tips for office going people.

  1. Are you successful in your fitness program? I am person who failed multiple times in fitness training. I have tried most of the things you have mentioned. The points you mentioned is very useful. But we have to do more workouts to achieve our fitness. Both mental and physical. If we are too much obsessed with the profession or studies. Our mental and physical health will be destroyed. After joining the college in 2012 I didn’t give preference to fitness. After 8 years my weight increased upto 40 kg.

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    1. I try and I fail but I keep trying.I know it’s hard to stick to a fitness program but we can try. And nowadays when most of us have so much of free times in our hands we can definitely give time to our bodies and can try becoming stronger both physically and mentally as well.


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