A walk down the memory lane.

The situation in which this world is right now because of the global pandemic is so heart wrenching. And it has given me some time to take a walk down the memory lane.

When I look back at life, there are so many things I think that makes me giggle. Also, there are few things that makes me so sad.

There are few things which I regret not doing and there are few things which I am so glad that they happened.

  1. I am so glad that I graduated when there was no pandemic.

I graduated last year. And I can never forget my last day. Though I can really feel the sadness of every student who would he graduating this year.

I sometimes realize how lucky I am that I got to visit all those lasts of the university. The last meal with friends, the last exam, the last lecture, the last everything of the college. I could still remember myself clicking phots with each and every friend and of each and every corner of the college.
Nostalgia is still hitting hard while I am writing this.

  1. I wish I have enjoyed a life a little more.

I really really wish that I have never said no to any plans. Being a person who worries a lot about every little thing, I wish I have not taken life too seriously and enjoyed every moment.

You never know when life will take a turn..and you will miss even the tiniest things that you always took for granted.

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8 thoughts on “A walk down the memory lane.

  1. Wonderful realizations. I am sure you will get your chance to enjoy life more once the restrictions lift, or you can also find ways to make the days count regardless of this pandemic. All will be well!

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