Motivation is everywhere around us.

No matter how successful you are, there is always a time when you feel demotivated and you have nowhere to go. This happens with all of us. We become demotivated at a particular point in our lives and nothing can motive us during that time. We don’t know who will understand our problem but the thing to remember is that even if we have nobody to motivate us we can still find motivation. Motivation is really all around us.

How, you ask? Well even if you are sitting in your room you can seek motivation from your surroundings. Come let’s find out how.

1. Can you learn something from a fan?

Yes, you definitely can. Well, a fan can teach you to be able to operate at every speed. There are times when our pace of life slows down and during that time we wish to quit but as a fan, we should be able to operate on every speed. Also, sometimes taking a break is necessary but quitting is never the solution.

2. What can a cupboard teach you?

Interesting isn’t it? That even our messy cupboards can teach us something. Yes, even a cupboard can teach you so many things. There are times when all of our cupboards are a mess. Still, it stands no matter how many hardships are filled inside us we should always stay strong. Also, a cupboard can always be cleaned so can all the negativity from inside us.

3. Window..can you learn something from it?

Of course, you can. What, do you ask? well, through a window you can see the beautiful world that exists outside your room. So, try to be someone’s eye and show them the beautiful world that they can’t see themselves.

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