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Let’s cherish the child within us!

When someone asks us about the most beautiful phase of our lives… most probably the answer is ‘our childhood‘.

Well, why shouldn’t it be? It is the time we did what we love with no fear of judgement,no fear of failure, we were never afraid to imagine anything however big it was. We could be a millionaire and a pilot and an actor and what not..all in a single day.

But what happened as we grew up?….

“Life happened“๐Ÿ˜”. We now knew the difference between castes, poor and rich, fair and black, failure and success, the importance of money, the value of promotion and what not.

In this so called race we have killed the child within us.

But let’s take some time from our lives to cherish the child within us. Let’s try and be curious as a child, let’s do what we love and not fear to fail, let’s try to make every one around us happy, let’s dare to imagine big as a child.

Let’s see the world through child’s eyes. It is very beautiful.

Let’s make dreams adventurous.

Haven’t we all experienced dreams. And isn’t it true that:

‘Some colors exists in dreams that are not present in the waking spectrum.’

But have you ever been dreaming and realized that you are dreaming? Have you ever been able to control your dreams?

Well, if the answer is yes then you have experienced what is known as lucid dreaming. The term has been popularized by movies such as Inception. About half of the population have experienced lucid dreaming and most start at a very young age.

What is lucid dreaming?

According to specialists ” A lucid dream is defined as a dream during which dreamers, while dreaming are aware they are dreaming.”

When does it happens?

Like most dreams, lucid dreams typically occur during REM(rapid eye movement) sleep i.e. the dream stage of sleep.

Some people can lucid dream naturally whereas others have to train themselves to lucid dream.

What are it’s applications?

It’s main application is to address nightmares especially recurring nightmares which may effect the person’s quality of life.

The practice of learning to lucid dream in order to stop nightmares from occurring or reoccurring is called ” lucid dream therapy“.

It is an unusual means of entertainment: like experiencing virtual reality.

Major Concerns.

Concern 1:

Many people think that if they are lucid dreaming then they will get stuck in their dreams and it will be difficult for them to wake up.

But according to facts an individual is able to sleep and dream only for a fixed amount of time. So lucid dreaming doesn’t create problems in waking up.


Another concern about lucid dreaming is that it requires focus and effort so the quality of sleep hinders.

According to the facts people who lucid dream have not noticed any tiredness due to lucid dreaming.

Concern3: Are there any benefits of lucid dreaming?

There are no benefits of lucid dreaming other than having fun and memorable dream.

Some of us may never have a lucid dream in our lives and believe me that’s totally normal.

Isn’t lucid dreaming an amazing experience. But, according to researchers people with mental illness should not try to lucid dream. And others also must know the reason why they want to lucid dream and what impact it can have in their lives.

Delhi: A gas chamber.

Today the chief minister of Delhi,India said that Delhi has turned into a gas chamber.

The level of pollution is so severe that public health emergency has been declared in Delhi-NCR region.

Who is to be blamed?

As per the reports the rise in pollution has been due to the smoke from crop burning in the neighbouring states of Haryana and Punjab.

Aren’t we responsible for this?

In addition to the above mentioned reason other reason due to which pollution is reaching at severe levels are:

1. The increasing population of the city due to which the environment is deteriorating.

2. There has been a huge rise in vehicular population inspite of metro and railways, which leads to traffic congestion.

3. Improper disposal of waste.

4. The industries: Out of the total number of industries present in Delhi-NCR, very few percentage of them are located in proper places. Majority of them are in residential areas.

5. Diwali holiday and other celebrations like marriage brings lot of air pollution from the celebratory fireworks.

6. Large scale construction in Delhi-NCR is another reason for this severe pollution.

Actions to be taken.

1. Get air purifiers, use mask.

2. Immediate restrictions on vehicular movement.

3. Take precautions for respiratory diseases.

4. Try to stay indoors. Go out when it’s bright and sunny. Avoid going to areas with heavy smoke and dust.

5. Eat fruits that are loaded with vitamin c, magnesium and omega fatty acid.

What can we do to help reduce pollution.

1. By reducing vehicle movement. Opt for share rides and use metro or bus instead.

2. By making it mandatory for IT companies to provide ‘work from home’ for atleast 10 days in a month.

3. Enforce environment laws for industry exhaust and people failing would have to give a huge fine.

4. Plant more and more trees. Use indoor plants for better air quality inside your home.

5. Avoid smoking.

6. Do not burn garbage.

It’s the duty of every citizen to control pollution. As they say charity begins at home, let’s take a pledge to do what we can for our environment and protect it to the best we can.

Tips on protecting social media privacy.

We love to post every detail of our lives on our favourite platforms like Facebook,twitter,instagram, snapchat etc.

But with this we give access to major portion of our lives information to the people who are from outside our friend and family circle.

So, how can we protect our privacy. Well, here are some tips:

1.Read the social media site’s terms

Pay attention to what information you are agreeing to share when you sign up for a social media account.

Carefully read all the terms and conditions before clicking on the accept button.

2. Use unique passwords for each social network.

Although, it’s a lot of pain to do so. But just imagine if hackers get access to one of your passwords it means they have access to all your social media platforms.

3. Use the block button.

When a spammer follows you and sends you links don’t just ignore them. Block that person and report that account as spam. It will make the social networking site monitor their actions and if many people report their account as spam, the social networking site will remove that account.

4. Don’t share private information like your full name address

As silly as it may sound but just your full name can help cyber criminals to find your gmail address or even find your password. This can lead to inject ing of malware in your devices.

5. Be careful about posting photos on social media sites

Think multiple times before posting any photo on social media platform.

Consider the scenario: you posted your child’s photo with their school name printed on their t-shirts. Well, after that it wouldn’t take a genius to track your child’s location.

6.Adjust the social media platform privacy settings.

Before sharing anything in your social media platform always be careful who can see,react or comment.

Before sharing anything you must decide whether you want it to be visible to everyone,your friends or your friends of friends.

Predefined purpose of life.

We keep finding the purpose of our lives. We think that there must be a reason that god has sent us on this earth and we spent almost a major part of our lives thinking about that reason.

Then, we start creating false assumptions about what our life purpose is. Sometimes we think that the main purpose of life is “to be happy”. Then how do we find that happiness? There are various ways through which we think we can be happy like:

1. Hanging out with friends.

2. Partying every weekend.

3. Buying expensive things.

4. Going on a date.

5. Etc

But does any of this really makes us happy or do they just create an illusion of happiness?

Well, it’s not necessary that god has sent everyone with a purpose. Oh, by the way some people’s life purpose is to find the existence of god itself๐Ÿ˜‰.So how can we say that we all have a predefined purpose.

We have to create our own purpose and that purpose can be anything. That purpose can be as simple as helping a needy, fighting for an injustice, helping someone get out of depression, giving shelter to the needy to name a few.

We become so busy in finding purpose of our life that we often forget to live. We can’t find our purpose by brainstorming or by overthinking. We should try and be in the present and make that present situation the major purpose of our lives at that point of time.